- Omoart -

Communication/ Web design / IT consulting / Events organization

Omoart was established in 1997 as an agency specialized in public relations, during the following years has developed its expertise in the fields of communication , entertainment , corporate marketing and social media networking . The client has been the main focus of the agency through ongoing dialogue and constant confrontation between needs and solutions. In this way the agency build up long term successful cooperations , based on expertise , flexibility and service integration

Communication and Social:

Strategy / editorial line, tone of voice, graphic layout, target. editorial plan / visual editing / in the appropriate formats and for the different channels, for the right style and recognizability. monitor and report / competitor, benchmark, influencers, performance. adv / specific target building, geographical, age, interests, etc

Web Solutions:

Graphic design of the web layout, analysis of all specifics, related websites and all the most updated web solutions available to develop web platforms on the market. web optimization of the site (i.e. mobile, tablet, different browsers), to guarantee optimal delivery of the content from any device. ad hoc CMS development.
SEO campaigns and link building / positioning your website on third party websites through ad campaigns to improve search engine rankings (through a thorough keyword analysis project).

Events and Pr

Tailor made designing and developing events on specific briefing. availability and facilities at the clubs of the Italian entertainment scene. pr network and accessory services for the event best performance, according to the customer.

Web & Legal Web watch - Data protection - IT Law - Intellectual property

Web Watch

surveillance of your brand on the web with a particular focus on your reputation on the web, in relation to negative comments and improper uses of your brand by third parties. monthly reports about significant results and lawsuit filing if any potential threats to the brand have been detected to interrupt the harmful activity of the third party. for more serious cases involving online defamation, we’ll file a lawsuit aimed at obtaining a sentence from the competent authorities, and obtain the permanent removal of the harmful content by the third party.

EU Regulation 2016/679 with regards to protecting personal information/data

free check to identify and define where we might need to intervene. census/identification of all data treatment performed by the firm, with a particular focus on the objectives/reasons behind the treatment of such data, but also on the company’s strategy. risk analysis. impact valuation. identification of safety measures and solutions for business continuity. updating the database to respect the national norms. minimization of the treatments and techniques of pseudonimazation. drafting a record of the treatments. drafting informative communications and company policies. compliance of external suppliers and negotiation of the agreements related to the compliance treatments (i.e. cloud services providers). relationship with the guarantor. compliance with web/e-commerce sites with a particular focus on the acquisition of legitimate consents. upgrade (consulting on an annual basis).

IT Law

e-commerce sales conditions with a focus on consumption law/rights. terms of use (legal notes) web platform.

Intellectual property

depositing brands and trademarks at the national level, in the EU and internationally. in depth research of other brands that might have been registered prior to yours and might have dangerous similarities, including names and internet domains. leveraging economically your intangible assets: license agreements and brand licensing. annual brand/trademark surveillance: checking all third party deposited brands/trademarks that could infringe on your copyright. if such infringement were to occur, we will file a lawsuit aimed at interrupting their potentially harmful activity.